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Overview of the book

Will digital media kill the cinema?

Overwhelmed by the digital tsunami, which is radically blurring the boundaries between media (cinema, television, graphic novels, the Internet, smart phones, etc.), cinema, it is said, is in the process of dying: the warmth of the photochemical image has given way to the coldness of pixels, and the not-film, with its satellite transmissions, has begun to overrun theatres once the domain of cinema. And yet cinema is everywhere: it is stored on new devices and shown on new screens. And yet we may wonder whether a film on DVD seen on a video screen is still cinema, or whether the encoded images of digital compositing and motion capture are still a part of the medium cinema.

Building on their hypothesis of the “double birth of media,” the authors of The End of Cinema? A Medium in Crisis in the Digital Age examine the convulsions cinema’s identity is undergoing today and offer keys for understanding the impact of the digital on the present-day media universe. Are we witnessing a third birth of cinema?

About the authors

Andre Gaudreault La fin du cinemaAndré Gaudreault is a full professor in the Département d’histoire de l’art et d’études cinématographiques at the Université de Montréal, where since 1992 he has headed up the research group GRAFICS. Director of the journal Cinémas since 1999, he is also the co-founder, with Denis Héroux, of the Observatoire du cinéma au Québec. In 2013 he received a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship, enabling him to continue his research into the impact of the digital revolution on cinema’s identity. Find out more

Philippe Marion La fin du cinemaPhilippe Marion is a regular professor in the École de communication at the Université catholique de Louvain. His research focuses on media narratology and the comparative analysis of visual media and media discourses. He is a founding member of the Observatoire du récit médiatique, of the Laboratoire d’analyse des systèmes de communication d’organisation and of the École de journalisme de Louvain. 


Remarks (in French) on the book by the two authors and the series editor of the “Cinéma/Arts visuels” book series published by Armand Colin at the book launch held on 14 October 2013 at the Palimpseste bookstore in Paris.

About the e-mails reproduced on this site

In order to make available the personal e-mails quoted in the book, we have copied their content in an HTML format. The text of these e-mails having been reproduced exactly as they were written, apart from a few minor corrections, we request readers’ indulgence and ask them to keep in mind that these informal exchanges were not intended for publication.


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